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Moving Tips

Make a list

Its essential to make a list of items that need to be removed from your property so that you can have exact idea of how much stuff you have and that you dont loose anything during the transit. 

Have plenty of supplies

Use as many boxes as possible and wrap up the fragile items so that they don't get damaged during the move. Make sure each box is max 10 kgs in weight as it will be easy to move. 

Utilize wardrobe boxes

Use wardrobe boxes to store your expensive dresses or shoes. Other type of clothes such as jeans, t shirts and jackets can be packed in boxes or suitcases. 

Packing service

Jutt Removals is able to offer a full packing and wrapping service to anyone who has time constraints. Please call us for more details. 

Label boxes

It is vital that you label each box with the correct number of bedroom, as it makes it easier for us to put the right box in the right room or else you will find you chinaware in your bedroom and your dresses in the kithchen. 


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